Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's thoughts

Just one more shift at work then it's Bermuda time! Yay for a vacation :) Today was a really nice day at work and I had some great patients. One of my favorite patients was there today for her procedure and I just adore her. She's so sweet and positive and just lives her life to the fullest eventhough she is disabled from Polio as a child. She is mobile via her "scooter" and she doesn't miss a beat. When I saw her today she said to me "Do you ever get older, because you never look it!?" :) Of course I wanted to hug her, LOL! I'm the only nurse she'll let drive her lil' scooter for her too. May sound weird, but I think it's sweet. Why would I have to drive it one may ask? Well because since I'm the triage nurse, when she goes back for surgery, her stuff has to be moved to recovery. So every year I get to take a cruise in Ms. G's scooter. It's patients like her that make you realize how grateful we are or should be and why I became a nurse. I had another patient who stopped me on her way out to thank me for being so kind to her. As nice as I feel when people tell me I'm a good nurse, and am nice, It makes me sad that they are probably used to bad attitudes from other medical personnel.

I had a good workout today too which made me feel good. Nothing like getting those endorphins going :) I jogged for a mile, and boy was it humid out but I did it. I then biked about 3 miles, totaling a 40 minute workout. I did some weight lifting too afterwards as well. When I came home from working out I was one salty girl. The dogs sure thought it was cool, and they kept trying to lick the salt on my legs, yuck, LOL! :)

I'm not sure what the deal is, but I've been on a major salmon kick recently! I could just eat it every night!.....and I pretty much have. I just add Caribbean Jerk seasoning to it and a little butter. I've been grilling it and it is so delicious! I made 2 salmon filets for dinner thinking that I'd take 1 of them to work for lunch tomorrow. Hmm....yeah that didn't happen since I happily ate them both tonight. If I could make eating a career I would, and man would I be good at it! ;)

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First, great job on the 4 mile exercise! Jogging a mile, I wish! Secondly, I COMPLETELY agree with you on seeing other in the hospital and feeling fortunate for the life we were given. The minute somebody feels sorry for me while I'm in the hospital, I tell them to go to the cancer floor and visit an 8 year old with leukemia (just my 3 cents). Also, maybe you're craving salmon because you need to look into talking some Omega 3 Fatty Acids? Just a thought.

Have fun on the beach if I don't talk to you before then!!!!