Saturday, May 30, 2009

Until next week...

Friday was a nice day. It was the last shift at work for a week, woo hoo! It's funny I felt like a little kid staring at the clock and counting down the hours. I went out with my good friend Julie to dinner on Friday night. Despite the horendous thunderstorms (which I do love, just not to drive in so much) we had a great time out. It's always nice to catch up and of course eat amazing food. Scott went out with a couple of our good friends to happy hour too. I was able to stop by on my way home and surprise them which was nice. I was so glad they were all still there!!

Today we went to Target and picked up all that last minute vacation type stuff. We're packed and officially ready to go to Bermuda! We dropped the dogs off at the Inlaws for the week. Man do I hate leaving them :( I know they are ok, and will do fine, but It just makes me sad. The house is so empty right now without their little crazy selves running around and being my shadows.

The vest company called me yesterday and I'm way overdue for my vest upgrade! Yay for a new, smaller, more compact machine :) I was kind of hoping to get it before the cruise, that way it's more portable and I could take it with me. There's no way to take this huge beast with me, so manual CPT it is. Plus I'll be running and keeping very active which will help me.

SO that's a wrap. It's definitely going to be weird to disconnect from the world for 7 days. It's definitely needed though. Hope everyone has a great week! Here's to the islands, sand, relaxing, and a drink in the hand ;)


3 comments: said...

Have a great time!!! Hip hip hooray for hand pounds!!!


Kristen said...

Have a wonderful time!!!

Amy said...

I hope you two have a great time! Mark said on Sunday afternoon..."well, Scott and Jess are probably walking around their ship right now".
We're jealous!!