Saturday, June 20, 2009

Change of Pace

Poor Scott hasn't had the best health luck this week. It started earlier in the week when he complained of some pains. He had went through a similar situation in November 2007. After several negative tests it just sort of went away. Well then again this week he started to have the same kind of pains. It wasn't chest pain this time luckily, but it was still enough for him to say something. He called me at work on Thursday to say that his Primary Care MD wanted to see him right away. They did an EKG which was negative and sent him for a Chest X-ray which we're still waiting for results. Based on his symptoms I've narrowed it down to either a severe muscle pull or it's his gallbladder. His doctor agreed. So we're waiting for CXR results, then if nothing else he'll be sent for a GI workup including gallbladder. We shall see.....Then this morning we were getting ready to have some coffee and he pulled his back out completely and very suddenly. It was awful! :( I felt so bad for him. Literally went to pick up a shirt and bam, could barely stand up. Ugh! I have to say I'm definitely not used to him being the one who's got the medical stuff going on, LOL! Is he trying to steal my thunder!? (kidding kidding!) :) He's rested all day long and is a tiny bit better, but still so uncomfortable. Hope this passes for him quickly.

My Saturday was actually pretty busy and has flown by. Today Beth came over and brought breakfast since we had a work party to go to she came over and got the day started with carry out. Ahh she brought me McDonalds yummy greasy breakfast and a coffee. Is that a best friend or what!? :) We just sort of hung around and enjoyed the down pouring rain and just relaxed. Scott was so great, despite his back killing him he went ahead and made the dip that I had to take for the party for me. He said that moving around actually helped his back feel better. We headed to the work party for our co-worker Linda and it turned out great. I was worried since it was a pool party and it was raining SO HARD! The skies cleared up and it was beautiful! HOWEVER the humidity was miserable. Beth and I have wanted to get crabs and shrimp for a while now and haven't yet this summer. So on the way home from Linda's we decided to order 2 dozen crabs, and a pound of shrimp. It was delicious!!!! After eating non stop all day this bottomless pit of a stomach is finally full!!!!! Wahoo!!

There was a CF meet up this weekend that I wasn't able to attend. I would have loved to have got the chance to meet some of the people I've been chatting with etc on the sites and on Facebook. However it was over 8 hours away just one way. With it being Father's Day weekend there's not way I'd make it back in time for our family stuff. I know they're all having a blast though. Oh well, hopefully next time :)

I took a workout break today. Honestly I don't even know when I could have done it. It was a welcomed break though, since I'm still kind of sore from the exercise all week. I'm still hoping to get out and get some research going on the exercise bike.

Well tomorrow is Father's Day so I'm sure we'll have another busy day. Tomorrow is also 2 years since I lost my Pop to Pancreatic Cancer. I sure miss him and can't believe it's been 2 years already.....

Happy Weekend Everyone!