Thursday, June 11, 2009

"I" is for Inflammation

Well today I woke up sounding like a dude....aka mega hoarse voice. I think it's the combination of different things. Anything from our lovely humidity, allergies running rampid, TOBI, or the fact that I was reminded today that they sprayed yesterday for pesticides in the neighborhood. That could definitely explain why my chest has been so tight the last 2 days. Gratefully I'm not usually like this, but I still don't like it. So I'm wondering if the pesticide spray got me yesterday since I was probably running right around the same time it was sprayed?

Last night I noticed too that in the middle of the night I was coughing my head off. Kind of unusual for me to cough non stop like that at night. I mean yeah it does happen, but not too often. It was definitely like sinus drainage. I don't know but I just hope it goes away soon. I called the doctors office today and left a message. I want to see what they say, but honestly if they say I have to take Prednisone for a week or so, I'd be A-OK with that. Anything to kick this inflammation that has suddenly stopped by for an unwanted visit ;)

It's no fun trying to talk to patients all day while making a tough effort to actually talk. And trust me I'm talkative so this is killing me, LOL! I'm the charge RN at work for the next week plus so I need my voice back.

I've done some good research today for an exercise bike too. Looks like I can find a semi-decent one for around $100. Yippee :) I just need something small that has a timer, and the distance etc. Shouldn't be too bad at all. Honestly at this rate with the lovely humidity we have here in Baltimore, I'll soon be working out inside I think. Maybe we can build a track in the house, LOL! Just kidding.

Well that's it for today, I was exhausted after work. Came home and took a much needed nap and felt much better. We have lots of thunderstorms going on tonight which I love. Nothing like good summer storms :)


Christy said...

I love good thunderstorms too. We've been getting them in the afternoon.

Hope you feel better soon!

Jess said...

Thanks Christy! :)