Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy Humidity

My breathing is not making me too thrilled today. I've felt it all day and have been quite wheezy too. I'm usually not that wheezy at all honestly, and rarely ever take my Albuterol. Well today I went for the usual mile run but I was very dissapointed that I had to stop 3 times. They were quick stops, literally no more than 10 seconds but it still bugged me. I know I can be too hard on myself but I have a goal and I want to accomplish it. Darn humidity definitely got the best of me today. For some reason I didn't even think that maybe I should just work out inside instead of outdoor running. Oh well, too late now anyway. At least I still finished my work out and actually did it.

I like using our Eliptical but I work out on it pretty hard and then my back always hurts for a few days from pulling the arm handle things. Ugh what to do what to do....I think I would like to have a nice stationary exercise bike, that's an idea...

My reward for the humidity from hell work out (ha ha) was going to Chipotle with my best friend tonight and doing what I do best....Eating! ;)

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I loathe humidity! Luckily I'm out in Arizona where it feels like you're running in the inside of an oven :)

I've got a shoulder routine coming your way! I'll be working on more soon.