Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slowly but surely

Getting better that is. I was very happy to have gotten sleep last night!! Woo hoo, take that stupid Prednisone, ha ha. I woke up around 2 am and thought, oh no here we go again, but surprisingly enough I fell right back to sleep, whew! I don't know what's going on because recently when I'm driving home from work, I am so EXHAUSTED that I feel as If I can barely keep my eyes open. As I mentioned before I'm not one to be a big "napper" but recenlty it's happening a lot. Today after work all I wanted to do was just sleep! So that's exactly what I did too :) Luckily Scott called me around 4pm to wake me up or who knows how long I could have slept for.

After the nap I was still very exhausted but did the Eliptical again. I thought I worked hard yesterday!? Wow I really kicked butt tonight! My pulse rate usually hangs around the mid 140's or so, tonight she was rocking it at 160 yowza ;) Yesterday's mileage on the Eliptical was 1.22 miles in 30 minutes, and tonights was .91 in 20 minutes. Sure did feel good afterwards too. I'm glad that I didn't let the exhaustion get me.

I'm also very happy to say that my voice is back a lot more today. It's officially been one week since I lost it...feels way longer to me though.

I'm keeping my close friends daughter in my prayers tonight. She's been having seizures of unknown cause and is currently in the hospital being evaluated. She's almost 2, so my heart just breaks. Hoping everything is ok!

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Wow! You are kicking some butt in that gym!

I will pray for your friend's daughter. What is her name?


Ps- Haven't forgot about the other workouts. I'll get them to you ASAP :)