Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Voiceless and Sleepless

I think the Prednisone is helping now. I felt better today so I was very relieved about that. Still voiceless mind you, but feeling better. Good work day, very busy as usual but nice overall. I'm the Charge RN for the week and things having been going well. I had a patient today that kind of got to me. She was a 65 year old woman, but I thought she looked WAY older than that. I got her vitals and got her situated and her O2 sat on Room Air was only 71%!!!! To quote the patient "Don't have a heart attack when you see my oxygen numbers they are always like that." WOW!! So needless to say I put her on O2 at the bedside, but cautiously since she has severe COPD. At 3 Liters we got her Sats up to 91-92%. Of course I had to question her history, and she continues to smoke everyday and has no desire to quit. So sad. Then I go to cannulate her IV and she bled all over my pants and me :( Ugh...did I say it was a good day at work? What was I thinking ;)

I kicked it into high gear today when I got home and did a great workout. Got on the Eliptical for a total of 35 minutes and sweated my butt off! LOL! I found a new way to keep me pumped and not get bored. For 60 seconds I go an medium speed, then the next 60 seconds I go as fast as I can. Whoa does it work!!! So I did that and then cooled down for 5 minutes. I stuck to my guns and relaxed yesterday so today was back to the daily workout grind. I then did some quick weight lifting too. So overall I feel pretty good today and happy that my breathing feels better. I did my meter after working out and got high numbers too, woo hoo!! I had the potential of getting a new exercise bike today but it didn't work out. One of the doctors I work for said they were having an auction at her gym and she was going to bid on a "Lifecycle" for me. We had a good shot, but got out bid. No biggie, I keep doing my research for bikes and I'm sure will find a good one.

Tonight Scott had a good idea to have a relax movie night. I couldn't agree more!! It's been a crazy time around here recenlty. I've been upset about the loss of the CF'ers, and with my inflammation going on it's been a little rough. So we got the new "Friday the 13th" movie. He picked up our favorite pizza, mozzarella sticks, and wings on the way home and we had a nice little movie night. That movie was good too and of course scary and gross!

I'm hoping that I actually get some sleep tonight. As great as Prednisone can be, I've got a new side effect besides the hunger. Mind you I don't mind the hunger at all ;) But now I'm having a very hard time sleeping at night. Last night I just layed there and watched the clock from 10-430 am. No fun at all. No matter what I just could not sleep. I'm sure hoping tonight is better for sleep. No worries I had extra strong coffee to keep me going all day. And if it happens again tonight I'm drinking the entire coffee pot at work tomorrow! You got to take the good with the bad. So I'll take feeling better even if it's messing up my sleeping.

Well I start to taper the Prednisone tomorrow, so here's hoping I feel better tomorrow!!


RunSickboyRun.com said...

Sorry about the sleeping issues, I've battled those before also and they're no fun. I eventually found a sleeping med that worked rather well, but I haven't had to take it for almost 6 months now. I think being real active during the day is the best sleeping med for me!

Your eliptical strategies is one of my favorites. I'll usually do 2 minutes super fast and then 2 minutes normal. One warning though, they say that going at varying speeds like that is the best way to lose fat and cut weight. Not sure if that's what you're going for, but if it is, then keep it up!


Jess said...

Good point Ronnie, the last thing I need to do is lose weight! ;)