Sunday, July 12, 2009


We had lots of fun camping. It was great to escape the "real world" for 2 days and just hang out in the wilderness. We hung out all weekend with family and just relaxed. Friday night we got there around 5:30 since trafffic was awful as usual. Once we set up our pop-up we joined everyone for dinner. I was going to run out and grab something quick since we got there later than we'd hoped, but to our surprise Scott's family had a TON of left overs including steaks, corn on the cob, salads, bread etc. It was delicious! That night we did the usual hanging out at the campfire and just chatting. It was so relaxing. I just love the smell of a campfire and hearing all the creatures at night in the trees.

Saturday was a cool day temperature wise, honestly this whole weekend felt like Fall to me. I loved it! It stormed a ton on Saturday and boy let me say they were some good thunderstorms too. I welcomed the rain. Honestly it gave me time to relax in the darkness of the storms, reading "Eclipse" and enjoying a glass of wine. To me it was perfect. Saturday night once the rain let up we managed to get outside with everyone and cook dinner on the grill. Again a delicious variety of steaks, BBQ chicken, Mac N Cheese, potatoes, yum yum yum! And dessert for me was of course roasted marshmallows. Glad I enjoyed them while I did because they were used later in the night in a marshmallow throwing war ;)

All in all it was a great weekend. My foot was really bothering me this weekend though. To my surprise it's better today. Hmm, weird. I figured I'd give it until tomorrow and if it's still swollen and sore then I'll go to the Doctors to have it checked out. Overall we had a great camping trip. It was awesome to hang out with my nieces and nephews all weekend too. The campground we were at rents golfcarts so of course they were asking me non-stop to take them on rides. I absolutely loved it too. Of course what my niece and her friends really wanted to go on the rides for, was to look for cute boys! Ahh to be 14 again :)

On a less fun note. One of my sister-in-laws friends asked me at the campfire "Jess when are you going to have a baby!?" I tried as hard as I could to hold it together and not get upset: Mission Failed. I broke down having to deal with talking about the miscarriage yet again. So much for avoiding that topic this weekend. Oh well, moving on and thinking positively...And on the baby topic, we actually had the loudest baby ever staying behind us. Funny overall because the baby was SO LOUD laughing and cackling, but it woke me up both mornings so super early. But how could I be mad at that?

Here's a picutre of Hooper and Me yesterday...Hope everyone had a great weekend too!