Monday, July 13, 2009

Verdict: Sprained Foot and Toe

Yes it's official I sprained the Left Foot and Toe. I went to Patient First this afternoon after work. Some of my coworkers had went there, and I've heard great things so I gave it a try. I loved it and they were great. Within one hour, I was in and out the door. I had xrays almost immediately and saw the Doctor and he assessed my foot. It's very sore and I still can't bend my toes and feel the crackling when I try to bend. It's not broken at least. He called it a sprain secondary to "over-use" meaning hiking. So I get to rock the awesome blue-ortho shoe for a week and then reassess it. He said to rest the foot (hard to do as a Nurse), take NSAIDS for the inflammation, and ice it. This also means no exercise for another week :/ I'm so afraid of losing the great cardio strength I've been building up so much. For now I guess I'll just lift weights, upper body of course and see what happens.

2 comments: said...

Boo to "overuse" of the foot! I'm sorry that happened...Would you be able to do something low impact like an exercise bike or row machine? Or would both of those be a little awkward?

Hope you recover quickly!


Kristen said...

That sucks! I also hate having to take a week off exercise.