Monday, July 6, 2009


The last 3 days have definitely caught up to me for sure. All the hiking, sports, ripping out the deck, etc. I have to say it felt great to do everything, but I'm one tired person today, especially after a busy day at work. So I've dedicated this lovely Monday to doing a whole lot of nothing.

I did however make a yummy taco dinner tonight. One of my most favorite things in the world to do is cook. So yes tacos may seem easy, but I made the shells and everything from scratch. Can you say yum!? So good!! :) It was so relaxing and therapeutic to me to just cook and listen to my music. Ahhh.

So yes, me and my shin splints which makes me walk like I'm 80 years old are taking a night off, LOL. Here's to continuing my addiction, ahem I mean my Twilight series of books. I'm on to Eclipse now and am loving every second of it.

I forgot to mention yesterday how saddened I was about Steve McNair's death. We sure loved him here in Baltimore when he was a Raven. So saddening. What's up with all the deaths lately? Very scary.

Anyway a very boring post I know, but it sure feels good to prop up these tired feet.....well legs, arms, head etc. Ha ha ha ;)

2 comments: said...

Sometimes boring posts and no exercise is just what the doctor ordered. I took the last three days off (minus many many hours in the pool) and I felt great today. Rest is just as important as exercise sometimes.

Enjoy the tacos!


The Browns said...

Im down here in clarksville tn about 40 mins from nashville and its all the town is talking about since he was with the titans for that time peroid before the ravens. The whole town was turned upside down.