Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Tidbits

We had a great 4th of July. We went over my brother and sister in laws house for the annual party. We also celebrated my nephews 4th birthday this weekend. We ate tons of food, saw great fireworks, had great weather, and just a nice time with family. We must have played badminton for hours last night. My legs aren't too happy with me today after my brainiac incident of flip flop hiking since I forgot my shoes and then playing hours last night. Shin spints are here to visit today unfortunately. Oh well it was totally worth it :)

This morning we started the day bright and early at Home Depot....well after coffee that is. Our lawn mower decided to die this week. We've wanted to get a riding mower since we have a very big acre yard, and now we had a reason too, yay. We also decided to build a new deck too. When I say "we" I mean Scott, and I'll be happily watching. Ha ha ;) No I do help, but I'm more of the "runner" or the clean up person. So we left Home Depot with a new tractor mower, and a ton of lumber for the deck. We spent the day working on the house mostly. I caught up on everything that hadn't been done all week long. And we also ripped out part of where the old deck and staircase were. So now we have tons and tons of kinling for our outdoor fire pit campfires :)

Overall it was a wonderful weekend and I'm so grateful that I felt back to normal to enjoy it! From our friends getting engaged to being super productive today I'd say it's a good start to a week. I'm determined to make July a good month! I'm officially putting May and June behind me and all the baggage they brought. Granted they just made me stronger, but I'm ready for a new month :)

Hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!!

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Glad the weekend went well! Mine was full of about 62 hours of being in the pool...

Flip flop hiking? Tisk tisk...