Thursday, July 2, 2009


Bleck this stuff is gross! So my nurse called to tell me that overall my Xray looked ok. And they found I have a kidney stone hanging around. That's beside the point. However there was still some stuff hanging around the colon and they want me to drink the Golytely. I haven't had to drink this stuff in over 3 years. Funny how just looking at the container made me shudder, ew. They were supposed to call me in the unflavored stuff, but somehow I got lucky and received Pineapple, mmmm (insert sarcasm here) ;) So it's just me, my book, and a gigantic container of Golytely tonight. I know, this is quite an exciting evening!

*Fingers crossed for good results!*

2 comments: said...

I may be a strange ranger, but I actually like Golytely....maybe not so much the taste, but the results are wonderful!


The Browns said...

I add koolaid to mine. When I was little I hated it so much ( nothing changed about that ) but I wouldnt drink it so my mom asked if she could add koolaid to make the flavor better and they said yes. It really helps out! Now not like anything can really make golytely better, personally I would reather say enema and get it over with but docs dont feel the same way I do, they like to make us suffer more!