Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday's To-Do's

I have to say this summer has seemed one of the busiest one yet. Not even just traveling, but just working on projects around the house. We leave for Myrtle Beach in 5 days with lots to do!

  • Pack...this is something I definitely procrastinate doing for some reason, however when we get home unpacking is what I do immediately.
  • Must go to Target and get all those fun last minute beach things...including junk food of course ;)
  • Finish laundry so that I'll actually be able to pack
  • Go to the library and pick out a book or two for the beach. I'm almost finished the Twilight series sadly..I've enjoyed it so much considering I was never a reader for fun...
  • Make a run to pick up my favorite wine incase they don't sell my brand in Myrtle Beach
  • Help Scott get the deck completed by the time we leave....almost done it now
  • Catch up on all my emails and messages
  • Clean the house....there is nothing like coming home to a clean fresh house after vacation
  • Check out iTUNES and see if there is anything new that I must put on the iPOD
  • Survive the work week with a major case of "vacationitis"
  • Get my foot cooperate so I can finally wear a normal shoe on it...sadly my toes still won't bend all the way without pain :/
  • And the most important To-Do is to leave the stress behind and get away for a week! :)

Come On Saturday!!!!


chhunt said...

I just finished the book "Sunday's at Tiffanys" by James Patterson. It is a super cute, fast read...perfect for the beach. I highly recommend it! Have fun!

Ronnie Sharpe said...

Wahooooooo for vacations!!! You better get started now to complete that whole list! Is exercising/cardio on the list and I just overlooked it? :)


Jess said...

Thanks for the recommendation!! I'm definitely going to see if I can get it :) And you know me Ronnie, exercise is always on the list...guess you just overlooked it? :P Or maybe I forgot to write it? ;)