Monday, July 20, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

It sure was a busy weekend around here. Friday was a hellacious day at work in every way. By the time I got out it was late and I was exhausted. Came home and worked on the deck with Scott for a while. Beth came over for a while and gave us a hand with a few things. The end of the night was very relaxing on the back porch enjoying a glass of wine.

Saturday we continuted to work on the deck. I felt like i actually helped that day. I was using the circular saw to cut all the wood for the deck flooring, and drilling too. Let me just say that since the foot is still on rest and I've been bummed about not working out......this stuff was a work out for sure! Today all my muscles ache, wow.

Saturday night we had my cousins over for a cookout. It turned out really nice all in all. Granted we worked our butts off all day so I was tired, but it was a great night. Everyone ended up staying until about 2:30 am. That's a good night for sure. I'm happy that everyone is so comfortable at our house and hours just seem to fly by. I also witness a bizarre accident on Saturday while at the grocery store. A guy in a truck towing a boat plowed through a telephone poll, then took out a row of employee cars too :/ Luckily everyone was ok, but that landed me getting trapped at the good old grocery store for a while. Good think I wasn't hungry, I may have eaten the whole store. ;)

Sunday I got up early to meet my friend at Starbucks for coffee. She leaves for Guatemala on a mission type trip to an orphanage for 10 days next week. Afterwards I had a ton of errands to run....Godson's birthday present, Hallmark, Target etc. We decided to enjoy the beautiful day by taking a break from the deck. I'm pretty sure my body screamed hooray somewhere in there. We went to dinner at our favorite Mexican place with our friends. We all leave for Myrtle Beach in a week, so we were able to discuss our vacation plans etc. It was tons of fun. After that we hit our favorite coffee house to relax and walk the historic Main St. Perfect evening indeed.

Today is back to the grind. I must say I'm lacking a bit in the sleep department but it's a good busy. One more week of work then the beach!!!! :)


Katey said...

WOW...very busy weekend! Glad it was good though! Hope today wasn't too hectic =)