Friday, August 14, 2009

We Were Picked

We had an AWESOME time at the Ravens game!!!! We tailgated for a couple of hours, then headed in to watch the Ravens win against the Redskins 23-0! Woo Hoo! Yes, I know, it's just Pre-Season but it was great. While we were tailgating, the tailgating/event photographer (who knew there was one) chose us for a fan photo! Fun stuff! So I'm pretty sure the night couldn't have gotten anybetter. We're actually on the Ravens website, how cool is that!? if you're a Raven's fan anyway ;)

Before the big game, was quite a busy day. I had a huge full work day with lots of patients. I managed to get all the patients done and leave on time. I wanted to make sure I got my run in before we left. I did just under a mile in 9.5 minutes. Then lifted weights when I got done the run. Boy do my legs feel it today. Oh and my voice too....there was A LOT of cheering last night!! Happy Friday everyone!