Sunday, October 25, 2009

Featured on Run Sickboy Run!

Check out my friend Ronnie's awesome blog providing CF awareness and so much more. I was asked to do a guest post about how exercise has increased my lung function. Thank you Ronnie for such a great opportunity to share my story with others! :)

Take a Look!


Emily said...

Hi Jessica!
I just read your post on Ronnie's blog, I'm also a fellow CFer and loved reading how running helps you! I'm an avid surfer, so thats my preferred form of exercise :). I know that running is good and I try to do that when I'm not at the beach, its amazing how exercise really helps the lung function.
Hope you get out of the hospital quick- I myself am also in right now fighting the swine flu :(. So I hope you're out quick- I'm hoping to be out soon as I"m on the tail end of it!
Feel free to check out my blog too ( I always love meeting and connecting with fellow CF adults and the CF community through blogs and on the internet- its always a blessing for us to encourage each other, learn together and stick together :)
Nice to "meet you", I'll be checking your blog often!