Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Well 15 hours later from shopping and I am Home Sweet Home! I had a wonderful day out with my best friend Beth. The day started at 0400 am which is only 1/2 hour earlier than I'm usually up for work. We met up at Starbucks, then off to the races. Our day went like this...

Stood in line at Target, got the "Door Buster" deals! Totally worth it, and the line was fast!
Kohls and got a TON of things for my family. I did most of the buying here!
Bass Pro Shop (only because I love my Father) Otherwise I was a lost soul in that place!
Bed Bath and Beyond
LUNCH break at Baja Fresh, yum! Relax and Refuel.
Dollar Tree, who can resist the cheap cute Christmas stuff including gift bags?
Off to Columbia
Marshalls, ahh one of my favorite stores. Ok so I may have bought for myself here, shhh ;)
Back to Target for more goodies forgotten earlier
Marley Station Mall
Hot Topic to seach for cool Transformer Stuff
Bath and Body works, need my fill of Warm Vanilla Sugar soaps for the house this winter

Dropped Beth off at her Jeep to unload my Xterra which now weighs 500 pounds less, lol!

The day was filled with Christmas spirit, Christmas music, and lots of laughter. After this long, crazy, but so fun day I drove home like a zombie where I soon stuffed my face with a vat of Mac N Cheese. Unloaded the bags, which are neatly thrown upstairs....yeah I'll tackle the organization thing tomorrow ;)

What a successful shopping day! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!


Tara said...

I miss having enough energy to run more than one errand in one day. Amazing! Glad you had fun.