Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Thankfulness

There is so much I am thankful for, and I make a point every day to realize it. However on this day of giving thanks, I find it appropriate to put it in writing :)

My Husband- I know I have a great husband and how fortunate I am. Whether it's just his "aroundness" sometimes he's the only person I need or want to be around. He shows me every single day how much he loves me. Whether it's cleaning the house as a surprise, sending a sweet message to me, countless hugs and kisses, I am so lucky to have a real man who would do and does anything for me. I couldn't have found someone better as a support system for my CF too. I never imagined it could be this great. Someday I know he will be a great Father to our kids, he's my Best Friend, and for him I am grateful.

My Dogs- Hooper and Elektra are my babies. I can't even explain how much I love them. Nothing like coming home no matter what the day has brought and having their excitement. I adore them, and how their tails almost wag off for the love they have for us. They have my heart.

My Family and Friends- In a lot of ways I consider myself the "middle man" in our family. I like to keep everyone together and have people over, escentually keeping people together. I learned from my late Pop that we have to stick together and how important family is. When they drive you nuts, still, you know how important they are to you and how much you love them. I feel so honored to be so close to my family, and how my cousins are more like my siblings. For them, and the relationship we have I am truly grateful. My friends are some of the most important people in my life. They are the family we get to choose. They are simply extraordinary, wonderful, amazing and supportive. Fore each of you I am grateful.

My Job and Career- If there is one thing on the earth I know, it's that I was meant to be a Nurse and take care of people. I absolutely love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else. My job is just as wonderful. It's rare (at least from my experience) to have such a physically and mentally demanding job and still love to come back the next day. I work for amazing doctors, whom over the last 6 years, are also like a family. For this I am grateful too.

My CF- Yes I am extremely grateful to have been born with this disease. Crazy? Maybe. However thanks to CF I live my life, and I mean I live it. Every goal or dream I've had thus far In my life I have accomplished. I am more motivated and don't take things for granted. I work very hard to take care of myself, and have CF to thank for this. Without CF I wouldn't have met such an amazing vast number of people who I consider close friends. I never knew it could be this good. I probably wouldn't make myself exercise and run my butt off everyday either. So thank you CF, I am actually grateful for you.

Our Home- I love where we live and I love our home. We've done a lot to this house and I can't imagine living anywhere else. When you can sit in your home and watch the seasons change, watch your dogs play, relax in your yard, enjoy the company of others whether it's a cook-out or just because, it's something worth being grateful for. To be able to walk a few steps outside and go to the beach, watch the boats go by, read a book, or pack a picnic. These are things I love about hour home....

Our Adventures- Whether it's hiking, going white water rafting, festivals, camping, enjoying a simple cup of coffee, or having a movie night in. I love exploring this life I have and living it up. I'm grateful to be this fortunate and this happy in my life. For this I am grateful.

So on this Thanksgiving I am grateful for the Abundace of daily blessings I get to endure.
Happy Thanksgiving.