Saturday, November 14, 2009

Exhaustion after IV's?

The best way to describe me for the last 2 weeks is EXHAUSTED. I don't know if it's coming off of the IV's, or what but that's how it's been. I pretty much have come home each day after working at least 9 hours this week and took at least a 2 hour nap. Obviously my body is tired, so I'm listening and resting.

However this exhaustion thing has bummed me out, having no energy means not a lot of running. That is not me at all! And quite frankly it sucks and I hate it :( Maybe I'm being too hard on myself (no surprise there). It also means I've been a blogging slacker too. I'm not sure If coming off IV's does this to people or what? It feels like the energy has been sucked right out of me.

Last night was our first night out in a while, and it was so needed! We had plans that got messed up, but decided to still have a fun night. We went up to an old historic city near us and did a Ghost tour. Pretty cool to do on Friday the 13th. We also had dinner, and went to a haunted bar for a drink. It was a much needed fun night out for sure.

On that note I've decided to get back on track, tired or not. So I went for a great 20 minute run today and it felt nothing short of AWESOMELY GREAT!!!!! I also decided to have a fresh start, and on Wednesday got a mega haircut. At least 6 inches cut off to be exact. My hair is just above my shoulders now. I was scared, but I'm ready for a change and so I put my big girl pants on and did it :) Thanks to my Best Friend who took me there and made me do this!!

The pneumonia has been a HUGE motivator for me, well except for the tired stuff ;) I'm kicking it into high gear today! I've cleaned the house, did all the laundry over the past 2 weeks, put the Halloween decorations away (could you hear Scott cry from where you live? ;) tackled miscellaneous tasks like cleaning out old papers, getting rid of the huge boxes from the IV meds, re-organized the pantry, etc. I'm on a roll! And I made a loaf of Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter bread, and am working on Pumpkin Bisque too.

Goodbye Exhaustion, please be gone for good! And Hello back to normal!


Katey said...

Praying your exhaustion BE GONE FOR GOOD!!! Glad you are starting fresh though and at least attempting to run and have some fun ;)

I know when I get pneumonia, it always knocks me down pretty good (say verses just a cold, or upper respiratory infection). My energy takes awhile to bounce back, and it depends on how severe the pneumonia is. Your body takes a hit and it just needs time to recuperate. I'm sure things will start getting better in no time!

Emily said...

It's not just you, so don't worry. IV's make me exhausted too!! I just finished 3 weeks of them and man, I was totally wiped when I finished. Its like I need a good few days to sleep to catch, when your body works that hard to fight off pnemonia, you totally need some rest! So I totally understand that, hang in there for sure. I'll keep you in my prayers, that you get some sweet rest and are restored in no time!!
Hang in there!!