Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving #1 of 3

Is it just me or is it hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here!? Wow. We spent our first Thanksgiving today at Scott's parents house with everyone. It was a nice time, good food, and always nice to be around family :) I'm not sure what the highlight of the day was for me....1. My nephew sitting with me and out of his bag of gummy bears he picked out my favorites ones and gave them to me. Too Cute for words. Or.....#2, My niece gave me a poster of Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen! Woo Hoo!!! Wonder if Scott will mind If I plaster that bad boy in our bedroom ;)

I also did my part of Ronnie's challenge and ran for 24 minutes today. It was a killer run, and I'm so glad I did it! I set the resistance up, so on the Eliptical it was only a mile, but whoa mamma it was a good run!

My Nephew and I :)