Monday, January 11, 2010

Do Or Do Not..There Is No Try!

Well I know this quote is popular, and by no means new, but I LOVE IT!!! I went to the gym today, and to my surprise my beloved treadmill (and all others) were being used. I guess there are a lot more people there now since the New Year. Anyway so I decided to do the bike today as my entire workout. Whoa momma I am SORE, but I love it. I rode the bike today for 25 insanely tough and sweaty minutes, totaling 4.1 miles. I went through a virtual mountain course and I really felt like I was on a mountain, wow.

So as I'm biking there are little motivational quotes that were scrolling on the screen. And right when I thought I literally couldn't move another muscle...."DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY" scrolls past me in bright yellow letters. It may have well said "Jess did you read that!?" So I followed my quotes advice and pushed it to the limit! I'm happy to say that I did not stop pedaling that bike for the entire 25 mintues, and there are parts of me that are sore that I didn't know existed :P

So in honor of this quote, I'd like to say Thank you!!

P.S.- My FEV1 monitor gave me a surprise reading today, 2.42!! :)


Megan said...

Really pleased for your LF results!

Once went on the bike at the school gym, and my friend messed with the settings putting me through a cross country kind of thing. I could bearly walk after! Xx