Friday, January 1, 2010

Expectations of 2010

2009 is gone, and so a new year begins. I could look at 2009 and dislike several major things that happened. But instead, I'd rather turn them around and learn from them and give it a different perspective. For starters I had another bowel obstruction. Good thing is, it didn't require any surgery, and we've pretty much discovered why I am getting them (besides the obvious CF stuff) and the verdict is...dehydration. I had a miscarriage in May which has crushed me. However I know that I am able to get pregnant and things happened for a reason. I got a PICC line and had my first adult CF hospital admission. Thanks to that PICC and medications, I've gotten my highest FEV1 I've ever seen (as an adult). I'm proud to say that 2009 also brought me to a year where I decided to exercise full force and haven't stopped yet :) Infact I'm now a gym member and go at least 4 times a week.

So now 2010 begins, and for me it means a lot of things. My biggest goal this year is to continue into year 2 of my exercise program. I'd like to try and increase my FEV1 by 10% :) Look out GYM! I'd like to also explore my lovely state of Maryland more. I know there is so much out there right here in my state that I haven't seen yet. I will continue to be positive and know that things will happen for us. I'll continue to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. Continue to care for my patients and love my job. Work on our home and be proud of all that we accomplish. I will LIVE in every sense of the word, and continue to appreciate the little things, and do what makes me smile.

So here's to a new start, not really new resolutions, just a continuation of being healthy and happy :)