Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello Prednisone

I can't say I've missed Prednisone by any means, but I'm happy it's available and works wonders for me. We ripped out and re-installed a new front door last Saturday. I wore a mask, which I'm sure helped, but didn't protect me 100% from all the dust, sheet rock, etc that was kicked around. While I've worked out my usual 4 days a week, I've noticed that I'm more wheezy than normal. My FEV1 has stayed pretty high through all of this, just notice a couple lower meter readings here and there.

So today I decided to call Hopkins and give them a heads up. I've been doing my Albuterol nebs as needed every 6 hours, which is helping. However the final verdict is....Prednisone taper starting today. Yippee ;) We want to nip this thing now before it has a chance. That is fine with me, I'm all about being proactive. I go for my clinic visit next week, having been working out so much, have had great FEV1 #'s, so I'll do whatever it takes to maintain it.

So while things aren't terrible, I just want to be safe. The wheeze isn't worse, but it had gone away the other day for a while and then came back a bit. When I called my nurse today to tell her, she immediately said " yeah you have those asthmatic lungs"...yup sure do. Here we go prednisone, please do the trick!


Misha said...

I have horrible asthma as well. But I've never been on prednisone. I wanted to try it once because they brought it up (for like 3 days I think) but they decided instead to bump my advair up. I've had some serious asthma problems as well here in the last couple weeks though. Hope the prednisone works wonders for you!

Heidi said...

No more demolition for you ;) Hope the pred helps!

Sharon said...


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Josh said...

Prednisone is crazy how helpful and overwhelming it can be! I hope your dose is quick and effective!

Lots of love!