Sunday, January 17, 2010


And not as in the Jefferson's George and Weezy ha ha. We ripped out and installed a new front door yesterday. Thank goodness for a handy husband :) However all the work, of ripping out, cutting, drilling, and re-installing left me feeling super wheezy last night and today. I did wear a mask yesterday, trying to avoid this, however obviously it wasn't all the way effective.

My FEV1 monitor proved to me that I wasn't wrong either. My numbers weren't bad, but definitely reflective upon an asthmatic flare up. So I took my Fish oil, Ibuprofen, Fizzy NAC, Albuterol Nebs, and have rested all day long. It's actually been fantastic to do nothing all day but watch football.

I hope all of the dust from the project has settled now, and my lungs can be happy again :) Although I just did my FEV1 meter to check my progress, and things are looking up! Awesome!