Monday, February 8, 2010

First Snow Day!

Well you know it's a blizzard, if a Nurse gets off for the weather :) I can't believe that they closed down my work, but I'll take it! Today was my first official snow day ever (as an adult) and it was fun! When I used to work in the hospital as a floor nurse on the Critical Care Cardiac unit, no matter what you had to be there. There was a storm a few years ago where most of the nurses had to spend the night. Luckily it was my last shift for the week so I got to leave. Believe me, I've been there when you HAD to work no matter what.

At this job that's been the case too until this storm. This was a record breaker here in MD, and I guess that's what it took to close down our surgery center. I go back to work tomorrow, only to hear that we are in another storm warning that is supposed to bring 12-20 inches our way. Yikes.

I was supposed to start back to the gym today since I'm officially off of Prednisone! Yippee!! However I can't get to the gym, so I'll try again tomorrow :) That is, if they're even open.....

Today Scott and I ventured out for a few minutes. Thank goodness for a 4-WD SUV :) Our roads are terrible, and the highway is only open on one lane. I don't mind it though, it's so pretty, and I do love the snow. We even managed to stop and grab some good old "Mickey D's" for lunch. Can you say cabin fever ;)

So here's to a fun, relaxing, lazy, gorgeous snow day!...or shall I call it, the calm before the next storm? :)


Colleen said...

Be careful out there! Oh, and I hope the prednisone did its job and you are feeling ok now that you are not taking it anymore.