Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Shovel Surprise

This morning I found myself wide awake at about 7am. I made a pot of coffee, did the morning meds, then decided that I'd go outside and shovel out our driveway to surprise Scott. He started all the shoveling yesterday in the mounds of feet that we have here, and it was a ton of work. However most of the driveway was left undone and we have a L-O-N-G driveway, so I thought it would be nice for him to wake up and have it done :)

It was a surprise for the most part. I took Elektra outside with me, while Hooper stayed in bed with Scott. Well a certain Greyhound started to cry for his momma and sister, so he woke up Scott. While Scott searched around the house for us, kind of worried, he and Hooper finally found us outside witht the driveway finished!

It was a ton of work, but sure was great exercise for me! :) So in about an hour I had it all done, and felt like a million bucks exercise wise. I've officially thrown in the shovel until the next storm...which I hear could be Tuesday!

And we have a record breaker too!....My work is closed tomorrow!! As a Nurse I've never had a snow day in 8 years, woo hoo!!!!!!!!! Scott's off since he works for the state, but I've been jumping around the house like a little kid, I'm so stinking excited!!!!