Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Flip Side

So as it turns out, the exhausted feeling I've had since my Birthday was an infection brewing. Boo. While no one likes to be sick, I'm trying to pull the positives out of it.

The major insomnia I've had has brought me to Tylenol PM...aka my new best friend.

I've learned never take antibiotics on an empty stomach or you'll vomit your head off, uncool.

We think Colistin may be the culprit this time, thank goodness for my Mom remembering that years ago, I had a bad time with Colistin and that's why they stopped it.

I've had the chance to have a Golden Girls marathon, as well as Food Network which I love.

The antibiotics are definitely doing their job and I feel a ton better, and PFT's are up!

My sinuses are a mess, which has helped me to remember to do my gross sinus rinses, DOH!

Watching Food TV has inspired me to make a ton of new recipes (I LOVE to cook)

I've gotten hours and hours of quality time snuggling with my dogs :)

I've made a list of projects/ideas for around the house (wait this could be dangerous ;))

I've realized I need to be patient, and realize that 1 day can make a ton of difference.

I still miss the gym like crazy, but am hoping to FINALLY get there Tomorrow!!!!!!

Back to work in the A.M. :)