Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm 30 :)

Some of my awesome friends and family

It was kind of hard to say goodbye to the 20's for a lot of reasons. So many great things happened in them, and thus far was the most eventful decade for me. Let's engaged, got married, graduated college, got my first RN job, had my first pregnancy (miscarriage), traveled to all the places I ever wanted to, got my/our first house, became an aunt, became a godmother. (I'm sure I forgot a ton, but you get the gist)...So here's to the 30's being EVEN BETTER :)

I'm officially a member of the 30's club, and to be honest I plan to rock this club ;) The day started out at Midnight with Scott singing to me :) I went into work, and my lovely coworkers who are so good to me have me a couple presents and I got great cards. I'm very fortunate.

That evening we met up with a bunch of friends/family at a local bar to celebrate. The snow kind of threw a wrench in our original plans, but none the less we had a GREAT TIME. We ended up staying out a good while, and had a little too much fun, because "grandma 30's" felt it the next day for sure! ;)

Yesterday Scott and I went out to continue the birthday celebrating, kinda cool having your Birthday on a Friday and having it be a weekend thing :) Anyway, we went out to Starbucks and got my favorite drink which was REALLY needed by the way. (I've had some mega insomnia the last 2 days). We then headed over to the mall for me to pick out my present from Scott....He bought me 1 Ct. Princess Cut Diamond Earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are gorgeous!!! Definitely something I will have forever to remember the big 3-0.

We later met up with my BFF and her boyfriend to have dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. And of course I had to show her my new bling ;) Overall it was a great 30th, and I'm ready for this new chapter to start...


Katey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope God continues to bless you and your life! Here's to many many many more wonderful years!

And yes...I totally agree it's kind of nice spreading out your birthday over the weekend :)

CowTown said...

What a super birthday celebration for your big *3*0*! Congratulations. I bet those earings look fabulous too. :)

I hope that favorite drink of yours resolved some of your sleepless nights for at least the birthday weekend. ya?