Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Selfless Birthday Scott

My wonderful husband Scott's birthday was on Friday. We have been spending our time since last week in the early stages of tearing out and remodeling our kitchen. Since we were in the beginning of a huge undertaking, my selfless husband would not let me take him out for his birthday. Instead, he chose for us to stay home and work.

Well that's fine with me, but I wasn't going to let his birthday just go by without any kind of recognition ;) So I came home from work early (he thought I was still at work hehe) and I decorated the remains of the kitchen with balloons, signs, and oh yes, I made him wear a PARTY HAT WHILE HE WORKED ;) So despite having to work, we ordered his favorite pizza, I bought him his favorite beer, and got him a wonderful ice cream cake and decorated it myself. I know it wasn't an "ideal" birthday for him, but I think it was better than what he expected.

We'll celebrate his birthday in any way he wishes once this project is done :)


Laura said...

Scott looks STELLER in that hat!!

Jess said...

Bwah ha ha ;) He loved it (not) tee hee.