Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Updates, CF stuff, and other Ramblings

Man I'm really not liking how I've barely had time to blog lately. Anyway.....there is still a ton going on, but I think things are slowly getting better for my Mom. She's still in the Nursing Home doing her physical therapy everyday. According to the family meeting that was had today, she will be there until she gains more strength in her lower extremeties. That being said, I think she'll be in a while longer. However she looks better, and is getting stronger and for that I'm very thankful.

I have to admit though that all of this family stress has definitely taken a toll on a lot of stuff. Nothing horrible, but I'm definitely feeing the effects of missing my "normal" life. I know these things happen, and in the grand scheme of life I'm so grateful for the supportive and wonderful people in my life. I guess I just miss some things right now, and am ready to be stress-free and focus on my goals again.

In other news of my life and CF, I'm happy to say that I started Cayston on March 31st and so far so good, well great actually. I really like it and am very pleased with how I feel. No awful side effects to report, still have a voice (bonus!), and my lungs feel very strong. I actually feel like I am taking much deeper breaths now, and I didn't realize that I wasn't before. It's even improved my running, and I'm running so much longer and actually losing track of time, awesome! Today @ the gym the only reason I had to stop running after 22 minutes was that my knees were killing me, not my lungs-yay!

CF wise, I also participated in a talk at University of Maryland about CF in which I was a guest speaker. I was so nervous, but it went very very well. I think I was able to give a lot of people some great perspective about CF and just what our daily life consists of to stay healthy. I took in ALL my meds, nebulizer, treatments, etc, I definitely opened up some eyes for sure. I was even told that I should look into doing more public speaking for CF, whoa :)

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Anonymous said...

I know things have been stressful for you, but you're still hanging in there like the awesome chick you are!! I think you should do more public speaking about you and CF. The more you can educate people about what we go through, the better. Go you!! :)
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