Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's My Name?

So lately I have been questioning if my name should really be Jessica. Here's why...

For example, at work I introduce myself as the patients nurse Jessica, etc, only to have them come over to me once they are dischared to say "Thanks SO MUCH Jennifer!" Gah!

The other day I had the CF pharmacy call me to and left a message asking if "Jennifer" is ready for a refill on her prescriptions. Hmmm nope, but Jessica is ;)

Now I have people calling my cell phone asking to speak to "Candy" which is strange since I've had the same # for years now. And on a side note, every time they ask to talk to "Candy" I suddenly crave skittles.

Today I placed an order for steamed crabs and shrimp. Upon picking up my order which was placed under "Jess" I find out my order is infact under the name "Jeff."

I'm seriously debating changing my name ;)


Josh said...

It's okay, Jill. We still love you. :-)

Jess said...

Thanks John ;)

Jess said...

My vote is to still with Jessica

Allison said...

My best friends name is Jessica, and the same thing happens to her! She's been called Jennifer, Stephanie, and weirdest of all, Leslie.
I say stay Jessica!

Jessie said...

I'm a Jessica and I agree 100%!!! Well, except the "Candy" part. LOL I've been called Jennifer, Melissa and Stephanie. Where's the love?