Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2 5K's sign me up!

Hooray I have a running plan! Well, I mean I have a running plan in progress, but I guess now I have a date(s) to push myself to! A goal of such. Today I signed up for 2 different 5K races in the Fall. I'd love to do a 5K now, but i don't think my lung-ies would be too happy about that. Infact I know they'd throw a temper tantrum ;)

The first race is on 9/11 and it's a rememberence run so I'm super excited for this. In a way I feel like I'm doing a good deed or something. The second is in late October and it's a Cross Country challenge. This one will be different since it's 70% road, and 30% trails. Interesting.

At any rate I can't wait to challenge myself and my running. My last 5K was in the Fall so I am definitely excited and ready! All good things! :)


Katey said...

Wow...congrats on having a plan and signing up to run those races....GO GIRL!!!

I keep saying i want to do the same, but it always gets put on hold!! Keep it up!

Colleen said...

I'll be here to support your training ALL THE WAY! I love watching you give it your all and never letting CF get in the way of your life!

Jess said...

Thank you SO MUCH Cysters!! You guys are the best :)