Wednesday, July 28, 2010


No worries, these stitches are not the kind you get after you've had an injury. Instead, I experienced these kind of stitches today. One word: ouch. I knew it was going to happen though unfortunately, but I wasn't willing to give up my run because of it. I had 2 meetings today, resulting in a very late lunch at 2pm. Yummy italian food, but nonetheless not the smartest thing to consume when you're due at the gym in the next hour or so.

About 8 minutes into my run these not-so-friendly side pains struck. I slowed down my run and pushed through it for a bit. I was then able to go back to my normal speed, waiting for them to strike again. They delivered their promise of course ;)

At any rate I experienced the whole "no pain no gain" saying today. For sure I had a choice to make. Quit my run and go home? Or push through it and finish my goal? Of couse I chose to push through it and I'm so glad I did! I'm always happy when I've completed a great run, but today I super happy since I survived it (haha).

Today I ran 1.75 miles
.25 walk/cool down aka "De-stitching" :)


Colleen said...

During the whole day today, I was trying to come up with a good excuse to skip the gym. I pushed myself to go, had a great 45 minute workout on the elliptical, and felt GREAT afterwards. Isn't it funny, pushing ourselves that extra step can be a wonderful feeling. Great job!

Jess said...

Colleen I'm so happy you pushed yourself through it!! I'm so proud of you, what a great feeling! :)