Sunday, August 15, 2010

Surprise 30 (and a half) Birthday Party!

I still can't believe that I had a surprise party yesterday. I woke up this morning still in complete awe of the day. It was the absolute best. Here's how it all went...

Apparently the plans have been going on since my actual birthday which was in February. Unfortunately we had 2 back to back blizzards so the birthday plans really didn't pan out for the big 3-0, or so I thought ;)

Yesterday my best friend and I went shopping and got some coffee, the regular routine to be honest. Around 3pm we headed home and she suggested we go to my community beach for a while and just hang out like we do often. As we were getting close to my house I offered to go home and pack us a quick cooler for the beach which she totally ignored (haha). Now I know why...

We pull up to the beach and I see people, tents, and a lot going on. I suggest to her that we probably shouldn't go to the beach today since clearly there was a party going on. Then she hit the accelerator, and we pulled up and everyone I love (minus a few who couldn't join) were all right there to greet us. There were signs being held up, noise makers being blown, and I was in complete shock and totally confused that it was a party for me! I hope I never forget how I felt yesterday.

My best friend drives a jeep, so during the ride home my flip flops were off. So in my complete phase of confusion she had to reach over me and open my door. My husband then unlatched my seatbelt and pulled me out to be surrounded by everyone. Later I wondered where the heck my shoes were, then I was gently reminded of how I'd never had them on.

I started to look around at everyone and everything and just cried my eyes out. I was so happy and overwhelmed with warmth and love. The biggest kick of the day was they got me a Moon bounce and a Cotton Candy Machine!!!! Talk about pure AWESOMENESS!!!! It was like being a little kid, and I adored every single second of it.

I had a wonderful day with wonderful people! I will never forget my birthday for so many reasons. I mean really, who ever is lucky enough to be thrown a 30.5 birthday party!?

I love my friends and family, and truly am blessed with the BEST!!!!