Friday, August 27, 2010

When Life Hands you Lemons....

Oh it was that kind of a week no doubt, and I hope that I have officially seen the end of GI issues for a bit. I think I've officially paid my dues in the Gastroenterology department. Earlier this month it was Gallstones, and after seeing my GI doc he clarified I did NOT have pancreatitis, bonus. Although on Monday night I had a raging bowel obstruction that sent me to the ER. Awful, just awful.

To see the silver lining which I'd rather do, my body is amazing. My body passed those stones early this month, and we've been feeling good "stone wise" ever since. The bowel obstruction situtation was brought on by steamed crabs, so I need to make some changes there. Over all I am so grateful because my body naturally took care of itself and fixed itself without major intervention. Honestly all it took in both situations was some good old aggressive IV fluids. For this I am happy beyond belief. Me and my "gut" have been through a lot this August, but she's tough ;)

That all being said, I am so ready to move on. I had my follow up with my GI doctor on Wednesday and he made me feel so much better! He said "Jessica I just think you've had a run of bad luck this month, you are doing wonderfully!" I don't think he realized just how much on so many levels I needed to hear those words. Again, for this I am grateful. For now it's on to healthier things, positive moments, and a lot of HOPE.

"When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on"