Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks Day 18 (My Co-workers)

I've been at my job for just about 7 years now, and love it. I work for great physicians, it's close to home, and I truly love the type of nursing it is. I really lucked out when I stumbled upon the teeny tiny ad in the newspaper looking for a nurse.

My job would be no where near as enjoyable or tolerable as it is without my coworkers. I've never had a job where we've had such a close knit group of people who genuinely care about eachother. I absolutely love it. My coworkers are more than just that, they are my dear friends, and in some ways my family. Today, I am thankful for my wonderful coworkers.


Jenny Livingston said...

My co-workers and I are each others "work family". I truly love each of them and that makes those days spent at work, away from my baby, a little easier to handle.

Glad you, too, are blessed with a great work environment!