Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanks Day 21 (Get-Togethers)

Today we hosted our annual football party. Originally I had it scheduled for last month, then somehow my brain malfunctioned when I realized that I'd planned the party for the same day Scott was in a wedding! Doh! Luckily it was no biggie and easy to reschedule. Around this time of year schedules start to fill up, but we were able to fit it in and everyone had a great time!

Today my Ravens played Carolina, and I'm sure you could hear us screaming and cheering across the country! WOO HOO!!! Throwing parties, or small get togethers is one of my favorite things to do. I love love love to entertain! Making food, drinks, and preparing to have a house full of people is just awesome to me!

So we made tons of food, had great drinks, wonderful family and friends, and a wonderful day. Of course the day was even better since my Ravens won ;) And for all of these things, I am VERY thankful.