Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks Day 22 (Automatic Refills!)

Oh automatic refills how I love thee. On Sunday's I sort out all my medications for the next week. I organize them into the "AM and PM" categories. It is so convenient, and well worth the few minutes it takes to do this.

So yesteray as I'm refilling everything I realized I had zero Nexiums left. Uh-Oh! I NEED my Nexium. I mean NEED NEED NEED! Yikes, I semi panicked then ran to the computer to check my Rx website. According to their records since I am an automatic refiller the Nexium was sent to me in October. Hmmm, really? *scratches forehead*.

I go into the closet which holds all my meds, and lookie a random box was my precious unopened Nexium! Ahhhh. *breathes sigh of relief and jumps for joy*. Thank you automatic refills for keeping me on track and slapping me when I needed you so ;)