Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks Day 4 (My Best Friend)

I love my best friend, and as every day, today I am thankful for her. It's been a very rough week at work and she totally understands it, amongst everything else about me. You see, she too is a Registered Nurse, and she works with me 3 days a week. After yesterday's day of work we decided we needed a mini retail therapy night, stat! ;)

We've been through a lot together. We started working together as teenagers as hostesses at a local restaurant. We survived Nursing School together (though not in the same class), been through the break-ups, weddings, house buying, my pregnancy and loss, CF, I could go on and on....

My best friend obviously holds all of qualities that, well, a "Best Friend" has. However my favorite thing is her ability to make me laugh. Infact no other friend can make me laugh like her. We can merely make eye contact and she knows exactly what I'm thinking. I can imagine what she's going to say and just about lose it laughing hysterically. She listen to me, supports me, and best of all, is my Gym buddy. I am very fortunate.

Today after work we met up and got together to run a few errands which was just lovely. She listened as I talked to her about my own current stressors, and big things I'm going through. What started out as a coffee date, turned into some Christmas shopping (that's right I said Christmas shopping, GAH!) and a cheap but fun dinner at Wendy's :)

A blog post simply can't do it justice on how important my Best Friend is to me. But today I'd like the bloggie world to know how thankful I am for her.


Anonymous said...

I love besties!! There is no better gift than a best friend. You are lucky to have eachother, many people do not. I would be lost without my bestie.

You are a fabulous person jess, and a terrific friend. I bet she feels blessed to have you too!

Jess said...

Thank you Kris!!! XO