Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanks Day 5 (Campfires)

One of my favorite things to do this time of year, or really any time is to have a campfire. Scott built us a fire pit in our backyard and we spend a lot of time sitting around a campfire. I love it.

Tonight was one of those nights. After a long week of work and feeling completely exhausted, we "vegged out" and sat around the camfire with the dogs. It was cool and crisp outside, so wearing a hoodie was a must. We roasted marshmallows and just relaxed while being mesmerized by the flames that kept us warm.

Did I mention that our dinner was an entire bag of marshmallows? ;)

Exercise today: 15 minute jog @ 1 mile, and 15 minute jog on Elliptical @ .63 miles.