Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear rotten sinuses of mine,

This post is dedicated to my (misbehaving) sinuses.

Dear Sinuses,

What was your deal today at the gym anyway? Really? I can't believe how you behaved once we walked in the door. Did you think it was appropriate to throw a tantrum like that and cause a stir? Why did you wait to start draining and make me cough my head off for 25 minutes during my run?! If you would have acted up earlier in the day I could have calmed you down much easier. You really put me in a predicament today just so you know. What, were you just jealous because I was running so you wanted to run as well!? How dare you try to cut my run short today. I hope you realized that you WILL NOT cut my run short, and I will win this! Bwah ha ha!

I want answers! ;) Ok ok, fine, be like that. Try as you may little rotten sinuses of mine to interfere with my exercise and running. Go ahead, you will see who will win every time. What, was today not proof enough!? Go ahead try me again and see what happens! You're going down!