Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Take a break Today" well, yesterday actually.

I called Hopkins yesterday since I don't feel like we're making much progress with the Levaquin/Prednisone combo. My lungs have been super tight and we can't figure out if it's a bug, or Cayston caused inflammation this time? Anyway, we decided that after double checking my last culture I'd probably respond better to Bactrim. With all this going on yesterday my CF Nurse advised me not to exercise for the day. Definitely not something I'm used to hearing, but listened to her advice.

I ended up getting in 2 doses of Bactrim yesterday and already see an improvement! Very very happy about this. I also decided to go to the gym today to see how I did. I'm SO happy that I decided to go. I coughed up a lot of stuff that's been lurking in there and feel great. I did 2 miles total on my lunch break today.

Let's hope we continue on the "Up and Up"


Tara said...

Where do you spit all this mucus at the gym? I'm just curious because I exercise outside, so I just spit on the ground, but I'm thinking the gym owners wouldn't look too kindly on that.

Jess said...

Believe it or not, I usually don't have a ton of junk to cough up, and gross but true I'm a swollower of it. Occasionally I will cough stuff out, but it's pretty rare. It makes me gag, then I throw up. Plus side is, at the gym I usually don't start hacking stuff up until the end of my run. Shew ;)