Friday, July 1, 2011

Was it something I said!? Geez.

Yesterday was one of those mornings that rarely happens around here luckily. I totally started my day off on the wrong note and not by my doing at all. I rolled over Thursday morning to snooze my alarm clock only to get clocked in the nose by my husband. OUCH! Of course it was an accident and he was totally asleep (so he says, haha just kidding Scott) but man did it not only throw me off guard, but hurt. I then get my morning routine all finished about a half hour later. I go over to him (still sleeping as I leave earlier for work) to give him a kiss and get knocked in the head. Man! I know he was unconcious but damn (haha) did I do something to him that he's getting me back for in his sleep? Luckily the day got better as it progressed, well It got better once my husband aka Mike Tyson fell back to sleep and I left for work.

I got a good amount of mileage this week which feels great! I totalled 6.5 miles, not counting my 5K on Sunday. I hit the gym on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I mostly ran, but mixed things up a bit with the Elliptical and bike today. My knees needed a break from running.

I'm hoping to get some swimming in at our beach this weekend as well! That has always been a great form of exercise for me and definitey challenging.