Monday, July 30, 2012

"Are you a runner?"

I love my job. I'll say it again, I love my job. At the outpatient surgery center at which I work I do mostly admitting/triaging patients and recovery room nursing. When I'm in the triage area, I get to talk to a lot
 of patients. Perhaps it's because I'm so chatty that I love my job, who knows ;) Anyway after making sure they are medically clear for their surgery If I have time there's always room for conversation. It's kind of like each new person I meet has the chance to teach me something new, etc. Love it.

So I was getting a gentleman ready for his procedure today, just like I do every day. As I was inserting his IV and hooking him up to some medications he asked me out of the blue "Are you a runner?" I answered "Why yes I am, how'd you know that?" He replied "I can just tell. You look healthy, make sure you keep up the good work!" After the fact that he completely made my day I came back down to earth and wheeled him into the procedure room.

Upon our departure he looked at me and said "Keep doing whatever you're doing." Boy, if I had any idea why I run and do the things I do....but then again maybe he did know? It was such an inspiring moment for sure. Take that CF ;)


Julie said...

And you do a great job running ;)