Friday, July 27, 2012

"You're too nice!"

Yes, yes, this is something I really shouldn't even be blogging about because it's a phrase that is NOT new to my ears. I've had this said to me for-ev-er! I can't help it, THIS is who I am. Sometimes I do find it somewhat offensive I have to admit. Anyway the reason I'm even writing about it is because of Facebook. Yes, lovely Facebook.

I LOVE (for the most part) the people I talk to, connect with, and have built relationships with. What I loathe is that I hold back on what I'd really like so say sometimes. For example, there are friends of mine that complain about complaining. I mean really, is it necessary!? Like for instance, person A hates the world. Even if you gave person A a cookie, he'd most likely bitch (sorry) because it's not chocolate chip, he wants sugar. Then if you DID give him the sugar, he'd complain about that because, well, he has to! Seriously!? 

Sometimes I actually type out a frank, but kind response then end up deleting it. Why do I want to sink to this level of negativity? Why do I want someone who hates the fact that he's breathing and alive bother me? Well, that's guessed it, "you're too nice." I just really wish I had the guts to say what It is I'm feeling sometimes. Ah well, a girl can dream right? ;)


John said...

Well I guess some people just do not enjoy life. There are things we can all complain about but in the end life is life. It doesn't always go people's way. I try to live everyday and enjoy what I have. But its human nature to complain sometimes. Maybe you should just send this person a little message in a nice way! Enjoy what you have because you never know when it will be gone!!!