Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to the grind

Back to work this morning despite this stupid cold. I do have to say though I am feeling better, thankfully. I knew I was going to get this cold when two of my co-workers last week said they had a sore throat, then two of our anesthesiologists come in wearing masks. Hello red flag, I knew I was doomed! Oh well despite the fact that I'm still mega congested, my face actually hurts, and the things coming out of me are like colors of a rainbow (kidding) I'm thankful that the sore throat is gone, and no fever. Woo hoo. Tomorrow I go to Hopkins which I secretly dread, but I know I'm seeing some of the best doctors in the world. I just get so damn uptight about my PFT's. Ah if they are down even a little I panic and usually cry. I need to just prepare myself that I have a cold, it's in my head and chest, and they aren't going to be great just like anyone else's wouldn't be great in this predicament as well. Easier said than done!

Work went well today. You know the cliche you always hear about work...the one that goes something like, don't worry the place won't fall apart without you!? Well sometimes I wonder. I got calls both days I was off sick this week (not that I mind helping others) BUT...hello I shouldn't be the ONLY person who knows whats going on, you know!? Even the boss had to call me about stuff. Ahh! Oh well on the bright side it's nice to be missed, and nice to have the reputation of the one who has the brain and knows what the heck is going on. Today Scott (husband) called out of work because he has it too. :/ Poor thing. I know the dogs are happy though, between the two of us someone's been home so far everyday this week. Ok well tomorrow is going to be a long day, work then Hopkins where there is always always always a long wait before they do anything with you, it's just so nerve wracking! Oh well at least dad usually goes with me, and we go out for a drink/dinner afterwards which makes it all better. Until next time....


Sarah G. said...

Only a year and half late with my comment... here it is 12/23/09! But just wanted to say I completely agree w/ your thoughts about work - and feeling like you're the only one who knows the ins and outs of certain aspects. Scary right? It's nice to be missed, but on the other hand it's like "hmm if i walked out of here today and got hit by a bus, what would happen?" That's a bit morbid, but you know what I mean. :)