Friday, September 5, 2008

What a week

This week was not a good one. My patient is not doing well and prognosis is grave :( I haven't been able to shake this all week, neither has anyone for that matter. It's heartbreaking to see how it's effecting everyone. Not to be a big negative person, because I try not to but this week has just all around been crappy. It all stems from the code too...taking worries home, being pissy, easily annoyed etc. and I hate it because it's not me. On the bright side of things, I guess I should be happy that when things happen like this it still hits me this hard. I don't ever want to become immune to situations like this just because I'm a nurse and "it happens." I don't care, that's not who I am.

I'm extremely happy to say that after a crap-tastic week I'm looking forward to a semi-quiet weekend. Tomorrow hurricane Hanna is supposed to blast us. I find that as an excellent excuse to stay put and chill. I'm thinking...enjoy the rain, have coffee, read some cookbooks, get some things done that I've wanted to do. My main goal is just to turn off my brain.