Sunday, June 7, 2009

BERMUDA....we're back

Bermuda was a beautiful island and overall a great trip. It was so easy and convenient to leave from Baltimore. I'd definitely do it again. My dad actually works at the Port Of Baltimore so it just couldn't have been any easier for us. It was my 4th cruise, but first one leaving from our own city and I loved it!

The first day was definitely a lazy day at that. We got on the ship, lounged around and did a whole lot of nothing. (Mission Accomplished) :) We ventured around the ship to check everything out and kind of get our barrings straight. It was a much smaller ship than we'd been on, but it was still great.

We arrived in Bermuda on Tuesday afternoon. One word to sum up Bermuda would be "PASTEL." Wow! It was so pretty and so neat to see that it's "normal" to have a pink, purple, turquoise, or bright yellow house. So neat! After we got to Bermuda off the ship we went. We had our first excursion right then and there. We did the glass bottom kayaking tour. It was 100% AWESOME!!!!!!! We shared a kayak and just ventured around the channels and different beaches with our group. It was cool because when one of us paddled, the other one could explore and look around. We saw whale bones, eels, tons and tons of exotic beautiful fish, snails bigger than life, and even an octopus which was so neat. The tour was the best and so worth it! The water was so clear and turquoise that it looked like you could drink it.

The next day we spent just exploring Bermuda. We didn't plan an excursion that day since we wanted a day to just chill out and go at our own pace. We did some shopping, took in all the touristy type stuff. We discovered a gorgeous beach with huge cliffs for diving and amazing scenery. Plus they had a bar which served Corona's with LIMES! The ship wasn't "aloud" to carry limes per some Bermuda law. So it was very very nice to enjoy some classic Corona's on the beach with the fruit it was intended for.........a LIME! ;) I'm sure that day we walked several miles. There were so many hills that it felt like we were walking up mountains. Boy I felt those sore muscles the next day.

We did another tour on Thursday. This time it was a Cave Tour. We explored Bermuda's "Crystal Caves" wow was it amazing. Took tons of pictures and they don't even do it justice. It's just amazing what nature creates. Part of the tour was to go to the aquarium and the zoo. That was so much fun. We saw everything plus some. The highlight of that was seeing the biggest Tortoise I've ever seen in my life. I swear that thing was bigger than me! Overall what a great day. Our bus driver took us around all over the island while giving us a great tour on Bermuda from A-Z.

Friday we were out at sea again and started to head back home. I treated myself to a hot stone massage for the first time. I've done regular massages, but OMG the hot stones were the best!!!!!!! Overall we had a great trip and couldn't have asked for better weather. It was sunny and warm everyday and calm seas. It only got rough on the last day headed back to Baltimore, but we were certainly not complaining.

Some other highlights of the trip:

  • We met some great people on this cruise
  • We worked out like crazy! Ran the track (at least 1 mile) each day, or more.
  • Rode the bike at the gym for at least 5-6 miles and lifted lots of weights
  • The food was DELICIOUS! (my favorite part) ;)
  • Bud Light Lime delivered to us on the ship while laying out in a bucket everyday...ahh paradise.
  • I cracked up because one day I was wearing my "The Cure" tee shirt. The Cure meaning my favorite music group of all time. Now in the elevator this woman with her thick thick northern New York accent says... "Is that The Cure for Cancer?" Hmm..."no Ma'am it's The Cure as in a band. Still then I said "Umm it's a music group." Oh oh she said. Hmm yeah I felt like a moron. Umm no lady my shirt isn't supporting cancer it's supporting my favorite music. (Insert feeling "this big" right about now) LOL!
  • One day in the gift shop I just wanted normal junk food! The ship was amazing but only had lovely sit-down-fancy food. So you'd have thought I hit the jackpot when I spotted Coke and Cheetos!!!!!!! I quickly loaded up a huge stash for the week...but in only lasted 2 days. :)
  • I was able to catch up on lots of movies during my before bed downtime. I'm awful with movies so that was good for me. We saw....7 pounds, Madagascar 2, The Curious case of Benjamin Button, Slumdog Millionaire (which the ending cut off, grrr), Bride Wars, Twilight..which I'm in love with!!! (My 14 year old niece will be so proud of Aunt Jess for that one!)
  • I laughed at the price of some of the souvenirs. I wanted to get my niece/goddaughter something. However when I saw that a onesie cost $28.95 I quickly changed my mind. Ouch. Bermuda really is expensive.

Well now we are home safe and I'm very grateful for a wonderful trip. It was nice to get away from the recent stresses and losses that the month of May brought us. I did get upset a few times about the miscarriage, but overall did great. Realizing...that there are going to be bad days and that is A-ok. We picked up the dogs from Scott's parent's house earlier and I couldn't be happier to have my 4 legged babies back :) I'm unpacked, house is cleaned, and laundry is done! It's back to the grind tomorrow...Wow you mean I really have to be a Nurse again tomorrow? Hmm I think I like the whole laying out and being on vacation thing instead ;)

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Glad you had a GREAT time! What cruise line did you guys use???


Kristen said...

That sounds like a great vacation! It makes me wish we were headed to the tropics instead of the mountains. Glad you had a good time :D

Amy said...

Glad you had such a great time!! That's the best to set sail so close to home.