Monday, June 8, 2009

First day back

First day back to work that is...and wow, I'm still in vacation mode for sure. I think I'd rather be hanging out at the pool, or on the ship, drinking fruity drinks, and doing a whole lot of nothing! That's ok, it was time to get back to reality and put my big girl RN pants on! ha ha ha ;)

It was actually a nice work day overall. I came home and got the mind set of need-to-keep-running. So I did just that. I took a little after work down time then got into work out mode. I ran a mile non stop, woo hoo! Then I did a mile walk as a cool down. I was very happy with that, and felt great afterwards. My legs sure were burning and I'm sure I'll feel that tomorrow.

Overall it's great to be home and get back to my regular routine. I'm going to try to run a mile at least 4 times a week now....maybe 5 times a week, we'll see.

*Fingers Crossed and Postive thoughts*

1 comments: said...

Man am I rooting for you! Maybe if you do it I'll be motivated to do the same thing?! My running future is in your hands :)

I didn't forget about your workout. I switched computers and couldn't transfer over email and the workout plan is sitting in the other computer that I haven't seen in a week. I'll be able to get to it tomorrow though! Sorry.