Sunday, December 27, 2009

What happened to Christmas!?

So this is just a mini checking in type thing. Christmas was definitely different for us this year in so many ways. It started off great with Scott and I on Christmas morning and kind of went down hill from there. Overall we're very fortuante and grateful for what we have. It just wasn't the "normal" fun day that we are used to. Here's why:

*My dad fell at work on Christmas Eve and turns out he broke 2 of his ribs. He is in horrible pain and can barely do for himself. So he wasn't up to doing anything on Christmas. This was the first Christmas in 29 years I didn't see my Dad or celebrate with my parents.

*My Grandmother fell on the ice on Christmas. She ended up with 2 gashes in her head and lots of bleeding. Luckily she didn't need stitches, but we still had to call 911. All of her tests came back negative, but she is extremely bruised and sore.

So we'll try again on Monday to see my parents to do Christmas with them. Today we're going to Scott's brothers with the whole family to do our Christmas there. I get to spend the day with my nieces and nephews, should be awesome, and boy do I need it!